Bridge House College offers the best in learning facilities. All our classes are fully air-conditioned thus giving students a comfortable learning experience.We maintain small class sizes to ensure personal teaching experience.

Students’ meals are prepared by highly experience catering staff. Meals are served in the schools' cafeteria. Students who opt to stay in the boarding house are assured of a very comfortable stay. Our boarding facility has fully air-conditioned bedrooms with study tables and access to cable TV. Our sickbay is supervised by a well-trained nurse who administers prescribed drugs for minute ailments. An in-house driver is always on call in cases of emergency. The maintenance officer and the in-house electrician are always on ground to make sure equipment in the college is working perfectly. BRIDGE HOUSE COLLEGE FACILITIES Bridge House College occupies scenic waterfront premises with the following facilities: • 2 modern science laboratories of 120 - 150 seating capacities • An Amphitheater • Art Studio • Separate hostel facilities for 200 boys and girls • A 150 seater library • A 100 seater ICT laboratory • A cafeteria that seats 250 students and • Waterfront lawns for recreation and sports.

Four purpose-built and spacious laboratories with up-to-date equipment allow for a full range of A’ Level and University Foundation work to be carried out.

Access to college network computers in each laboratory provides students with opportunities for data-logging and for private research via the Internet. A fully qualified Laboratory Technician provides students and teachers with support in their planning and carrying out of experimental investigations.

We offer the best home experience in a relaxed environment

Our hostels are homely and equipped with facilities such as indoor and outdoor sports, air conditioning and ventilation systems, sick bay and lots more for conducive and relaxed accommodation. House parents also assist with moral support to our students.

We prepare nourishing and hygienic meals for our students.

We prepare nourishing and hygienic meals for our students. The cafeteria is an enclosure in which students and staff have their lunch during school hours between 12 noon and 1pm (Mon to Fri). At the moment the college engages two caterers which bring lunch in turn. The caterers serve intercontinental dishes, fruits and desserts as accompaniments.

Computers are available for student use in the school providing a wide range of software and multimedia facilities.

The school has a broadband internet facility that is readily available especially during the school hours from the hours of 7am to 4pm. A dedicated computer room is used by all the students which has an interactive whiteboard, projector and the latest application and programming software. All classrooms are equipped with computers and digital projectors, extensively used by teachers in their lessons. Students are encouraged to make use of the computer system and facilities for coursework, UCAS applications, research and communications.

Our compact state of the art classrooms ensures close interaction between students and instructors

Classrooms in which instructors and students work together to create and sustain an environment in which everyone feels safe, supported, and encouraged to express her or his views and concerns. In these classrooms, the courses are explicitly viewed from the multiple perspectives and varied experiences. Courses are presented in a manner that reduces all students' experiences of marginalization and, wherever possible, helps students understand that individuals' experiences, values, and perspectives influence how they construct knowledge in any field or discipline. Our instructors use a variety of teaching methods in order to facilitate the academic achievement of all students. Our classrooms are places in which thoughtfulness, mutual respect, and academic excellence are valued and promoted.

The Library is a large, supervised silent study area. It offers a range of academic texts and reference books, novels, drama, poetry and biography, as well as a broad selection of journals and newspapers and a full set of university prospectuses.

Bridge House College have put in place the best personnel and learning facilities in our library. At Bridge House College, the library is a conducive environment where silence and orderliness are our watch words and with viable textbooks, and e-learning facilitates to provide adequate information and concentration in studying. At Bridge House College, we encourage students to be library users. Whenever the students are not having lectures, they are encouraged to make use of the library. There are several sources of information but the most authentic study resource is the library. It is our expectation that the students of this college will be effective library users.