Life at Bridge House

Life at Bridge House is different from life in any other school.  Although one will certainly be expected to work hard here, at the same time the atmosphere is informal, with teachers and students relating respectfully with one another.   We see our students as young adults who are learning to work independently towards achieving their goals in a responsible and co-operative environment; knowing full well that organizing oneself for successful sixth-form work can be very challenging. We have therefore given room for plenty of opportunities at Bridge House for guidance, from personal tutors and subject staff, as well as more specialized support if need be.


College Life

Academic rigor in a warm and friendly community

Over the years, academic knowledge has only been centered on the education of the intellect without much emphasis on discipline. This is the lacuna that we set out from the humble beginning to bridge and so far, we have done reasonably well as our students are balanced!

All work and no play, they say makes Jack a dull boy. We, therefore like our students to enjoy themselves as we have in place, lots of creative, sporting, and cultural activities outside the classroom.



The College’s regular activities include:

  • Sports – indoor and field every fortnight including swimming
  • Community Services volunteers wherein students and teachers give back to our immediate environment
  • The less-privileged visits
  • Project course work and defence
  • Weekly speech presentations
  • Musical skill display and
  • Weekly Group Personal Tutor sessions.